Things to reflect on when looking to Design with Mid-century Modern fittings

If you love your home, you will always see areas that need upgrading. And the easiest way to improve any room’s appearance is to add a piece of furniture. Since the older, Mid Century Modern Furniture was simple and stylish, it can add to the beauty of any house. The most imperative thing is to write down the items that you think could change the current appearance of your rooms. Do you need one sofa that could upgrade the whole living space or is a coffee table all you need to meet your goal?  It all depends on what you think is best for your home. To make your work easier, we will explain a few things to reflect on when designing with the mid century fittings.

Simplicity and class

The mid-twentieth century woodworkers were extremely passionate and thoughtful professionals. Their products depict serious talent, creativity and devotion. It seems that keeping their designs simple but classy was their main goal. That’s why all Mid Century Modern Furniture pieces have clean lines and fluid dimensions. Hence, if you want simple-looking, unique fittings, you should pick the mid-century types.

Elegant forms and tapered legs

The mid century designers had numerous ideas when it comes to shapes and forms. Geometrical patterns were widely used when making dining tables, chairs, sofas, dressers, beds, coffee tables and other pieces of furniture. Hence, there are pieces mimicking ovals, circles, rectangles, triangles, squares, pentagons and other shapes. Additionally, all items had tapered legs even if they were not straight ones. In other words, designers of that era chose to cut narrow legs even for sofa sets. And since their products were less bulky, the narrow legs looked firm and strong enough.

Different premium-quality upholstery fabrics

It is obvious that different types of fabrics were largely used for upholstery. A great mid century woodworker like Rove Concepts can give you numerous fabric designs. If you love flowery motifs, you just have to choose among small, medium and large floral designs. The fabrics were used to upholster sofas, chairs and ottomans. Leather was widely used too, and it is still relevant and stylish today.

Durable hardwood surfaces

It is hard to find mid century fittings that aren’t constructed with hardwood timber. The most long-lasting and durable pieces of furniture are made with woods like birch, elm, oak, and walnut. These are world-famous hardwoods that make products that can be used by many generations. If you choose to re-decorate your house with the mid century fixtures, you will do yourself a big favor because these will last longer. As well, they will make your home more attractive and lovely.

Excellent finishing and protection

If you come across mid century furnishings that have been designed properly, you will notice that they have excellent finishing. Elm veneers make classy and beautiful finishing, for instance. This is because elm is a tree with many species, allowing the woodworker to select the color of the timber they want. Some elm species produce creamy white or brown timber and others produce brighter tones like orange and yellow. As a result, you can select the tones that could improve the current décor aspects of your home. What’s more, mid century fittings tend to be powder-coated. This coating is used so as to protect the piece of furniture from elements and to make it last for several years. A powder-coated and veneered furniture item can, therefore, give you value for your money.

Now that you know the best qualities to expect from mid century furniture, go on to rove and pick your favorite. The website has several products, allowing you to select only the most durable and beautiful item.