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At one time corsets were worn by virtually every woman but for a time they went out of fashion. Now they are back and are worn both as a fashion accessory and a way to achieve a small waist. Irregular use will only give the small waist for the time that the corset is worn, but if used over time, it will become trained to stay small and the corset will have done its job. It is not only women who wear them, but there are not as many men who wear – or will admit – to wearing them.

What exactly is a Corset?

The fashion item may look like one, but does not do the job required. It is likely to have some lacing and a small amount of bone structure, but is not strong enough to make a change to the shape of the body. Normally the real thing will need to be made by a professional corset maker and will be designed so that they fit the wearer exactly and are able to change the body shape.

There are several results that wearers will want from wearing the item. A woman is bound to want their waist to reduce and therefore their hips and bust to be emphasized. There was a time when the aim was to remove all shape, but this is no longer the case. At one time, men would wear them for the same reasons, but now it is rare for a man to wear one for anything other than health reasons.

Tight lacing

The art of using a corset to decrease waist size is known as tight lacing and it is exactly what it says. The corset is fastened as tightly as possible and over time and under the right conditions, the waist size will reduce. This is one area where there is good news for larger women as they will be able to reduce their size by a larger percentage than smaller women. The good news for smaller women is that they will be able to reduce the size to a much smaller number. There are records of waist sizes dropping to as low as 16 inches quite regularly, with the overall record being 13 inches.

In the past, there were problems caused as the tightness would affect the ability to breath and the lungs would not function properly. This is no longer the case as the modern garment is designed so that the wearer can move freely. This allows them to be used by modern day women who will want to live their lives normally and be able to exercise in them.

Reducing the Waistline

Although the garment will do a great deal to help the wearer get a small waist, there are things that have to be done in conjunction with it.

  • A healthy diet has to be followed. There can be the odd treat along the way, but by and large the plan has to be followed.
  • The new style item will allow this to happen. Breathing will not be impaired and free movement will be possible. The garment works in such a way that heat is going to give even better results, so the hotter and sweatier the wearer gets, the better the results will be. Not everyone’s idea of fun or comfort, but of small consequence when the results gained are what is required.

The return of the corset has been of great value to many people and they are pleased that they can get the same results that their grand-mothers could, but without the pain and risk of ill health.